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SH USBC BA Hall of Fame

SH USBC WBA Hall of Fame

SH USBC A Merged Hall of Fame

This is the Highest Honor an individual can receive from the Somerset-Hunterdon BA, and encompasses a lifetime achievement for each recipient.

Eligible candidates are selected every other year for induction into the Somerset-Hunterdon BA Hall of Fame.  Their records are researched and then these records are placed before the current members of the Hall of Fame and your Board of Directors for voting in January, if elected these bowlers are formally inducted in June at a suitable venue selected by the Board of Directors and the Hall of Fame committee.

Available categories are: Bowling Achievement, Meritorious Service, Posthumous, and Veterans / Special Achievement.

Charles Lamperti Memorial Award This award started in 1982 and continued until 2000 when the Lamperti Family decided to no longer sponsor this award.

This award was given to the bowler who rolled the Highest Scratch Series within our bowling centers.  A plaque was given to the bowler and their name was engraved on the perpetual plaque which could be placed on display within the center where the series was bowled for the next year.

Chubb D'Ambolo Memorial Award This award is given to the Bowler of the Year, based on their bowling ability within our area.  Points are assigned for each honor /high score rolled.  In addition points accessed for their position finish within the Masters and County Championship Tournaments (Singles / Doubles and Team events).
Forest Stein Memorial Award This award is given to the bowler how rolls the highest series within the County Championship Tournament.  In addition their name is engraved on a perpetual trophy which is housed currently with the Somerset-Hunterdon BA office.  This trophy is available for the recipient to hold for the period of one year if they so desire.
Donald M Roberts Memorial Award This award is given to the highest series rolled within our bowling centers.  This trophy is in place of the Charles Lamperti Memorial Award, and the criteria is the same.

Each individual bowlers name and score is engraved on this award and it currently is on display in the office of the Somerset-Hunterdon BA.

Secretary Honor Society Award This award is given to Secretaries of leagues who have served in this capacity for at least 10 years and every 5 years thereafter for continued service to the bowlers in our area.
Walter Kritzberger Memorial Award This award is given to a High School Senior bowling in the Somerset-Hunterdon Youth Program.  This scholarship award in the amount of $500.00  is awarded on their bowling ability and academic achievements and their wishing to continue their education in a college or trade school.  This award is sponsored by the Board of Directors and their fund raising efforts.